About Me

I’m a quiet and reserved person.

I live in the Caribbean, on one of its Islands which is known as “The Nature Isle of the Caribbean” – Dominica.  Dominica is a small and Natural island located in the Caribbean islands chain which is located between two french islands which are Guadeloupe to the North and Martinique  to the South.  

I live on the North-East Side in the village called Calibishie, on the island of Dominica.

I love reading and is quite intrigued by the romance and fantasy of book.  

I am intrigued also by the beauty and culture of different cultures and traditions.

Presently i am working on my first novel and hoping to complete it soon.  

I am also an ambitious and self motivated person and an entrepreneur of a small business.

I also write poems, which i’ll be posting a lot on my page.

I Write not for Fame
I write not for boasting
I write because i love it
I write because of the beauty of inspiration
I write because i love you &
Because i make you proud
-Serlina Rose

Thanks for taking the time to follow and like my posts/blog 🙂


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