Island Beauty

Looking out the window (still lying in bed). I can see the clouds in the sky, the early dawn is breaking the dusk of night, its not all dark anymore, its slowly becoming day again . The breeze is slightly high but that’s to be expected seeing that we’re still somewhat experiencing the winter chill (due to climate change). Looking out my window and I can see some parts in the village, the ocean and nature. Oooh so peaceful in the early morning, the sounds of the animals………a blessing!

good mornin

She took a walk down the road to admire the outstanding view that she’s been seeing from her window, in coming closer she was awe struck. ‘Nature at its best, such a beauty. Gods blessing & truly a lovely tourist attraction.’ She thought.


The greenery of the fields and trees are breath taking!!


Beautiful morning, birds singing, the ocean rumbling in the near distance, the branches and leaves gently sway in the quiet breeze, the dun rays peeking out from behind the clouds…, I smile cause its gonna be another bright and warm day.


Spending some good quality time on a secluded and private beach just the two of them. Its sands are black, its water warm and calm, gently lapping against the corals that outline the beach and the black sandy sea-shore with its sands warm to the touch beneath his toes. Its scenery is quite unique and breathe taking. He was lost at the sight……


Sitting at the bar, having a sip of a cold beer from the islands bar. Looking out at the scenery and seeing the trees surrounding and then the waves crashing gently against the white sandy beach. Hearing the voice of locals as well as visiting folks splashing in the water…..on such a warm, sunny day.

Umbrella-hut like tables: sitting, relaxed with trees and plants surrounding, got clean fresh air and light sun rays filtering through the atmosphere, making it cool and comfortable. Nursing a cold drink, listening to the local folks as well as the tourist on the beach, having fun splashing around in the water, children running and giggling……..

2014-03-10 17.51.03
Laising relaxed, just enjoying a beautiful sunset. The sky has a slight orange tinging the clear, early evening sky. Sitting just wondering yet another day dying, yet another night of peace and balm, yet another night to rest from all the troubles of the world. Smiling, she wishes to be apart of the creatures that sing their praise and thanks for yet another moonlit night to just be free to rest…..

Surrounding trees-scenery/environment is what makes me want to feature this in my book. It’s trees and plants along with the beach provides a cool environment and a very beautiful area to just lost your cares, worries, troubles and frustration and just lay back and relax. The roof of this building was made from natural products : bamboo strips of wood and the building was made from stones. I just love this..., 

2014-03-10 17.44.24

When I first saw you, the smile you gave me made me thought to myself that I could walk a mile just for your wave.
When we fell in love, the only thing I wanted was to be near you.
We’ve had many times of love, fun, sadness and happiness.
I thought ‘Wow’ this boy sure knows how to make a girl heart beats.
The way you held me and the way you kissed me was all I wanted from a man that fine……
The way you walked, and the way you talked sent shivers up and down my spine
Some were jealous, others were mad, but all I wanted was your everlasting love, but…… failed me after years of my unwavering, faithful support and love, you broke me and the un-appreciated feelings/emotions have snapped.

“He made love like thunder rolling across the sky. Tongues lightning flick along my sky. Urgent stirrings turn sun-drunk eyes into your wing. She’ll fly, she’ll cry and then die from the sultriness and sensational pleasure received…..”

-Serlina Rose


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