She’s sweet and caring
She smiles and the sun shines bright
She walks with her Back straight
And her head held high
She doesn’t care what no one thinks about her
She doesn’t let un-kind words begets her
She smiles a kind smile to all she meets
She gives an encouraging word to all who seeks
She loved with all her heart
Listened with all ears.
She graced me with splendor and gifts
She gave up so much for me and yet to complain
She’s more than i can be 
But i’ll try to be.

I smile just thinking about her
She is all i have as inspiration
All i have as motivation
All i have as the perfect example to love.
Her love sustains me & nourishes me
She means more to me than anything could ever 

I hope to be…..
Someday, like my Mother.

A Mother’s Love is so much More than any other in this world!!
🙂 🙂
-Serlina Rose


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