Excerpt from book…

……………sitting in the Botanical Gardens thinking about her life and what had happen to her to change it in the last two months.

The Botanical Gardens, was a large park with various big trees and lush green grass that stretched across from one point to the other.  There were a few flowers along the park which were cut in a way that made it mesmerising. 

The Gardens were quite peaceful with children’s laughter while playing, and a few people sitting or walking around.  Occasionally a vehicle diving through the Gardens spoiled the tranquillity.

How could I have been so dense?  She asked herself over and over again.

Steffie had met Jake six months ago, but knew him for about two years before.  He’d came to her like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, pretending to be good, caring and very charming.  She had been captivated by his charm, he was different from the men she dated before and been hurt by.  Boy was she dense to have given in to his pleading voice. Now she couldn’t believe how stupid she had been to fall for such a charmer.

(How does this sound???)


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