It Hurts

Your love for me had die

So it’s now time for me to say good-bye.

I wish I knew why things got so messed up.

But I do know one thing,

That it was your fault.

If only I could stay one more day

Because it hurts a lot not being around you

And it hurts me to think that you love me

When I was already done moving on.

It all seems like am just walking away from these dreams.

I really thought you were different,

You captivated my thoughts and emotions.

You were charming and alluring,

You played me like a keyboard,

Beat my heart like a drum,

Then threw my love away like trash.

It hurts so bad that I gave my all

To an un-caring human being

Such as you.

It hurts,

But I’ll survive.

I always do!

-Serlina Rose


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