In Need of Critiques Partners

I am a reader!!
New writer – have not been published.
Writing a Romance story…
Not much experience as a novelist.
Word count varies between 2000 – 3000 words per chapter.
I been writing poems at a young age and its been mainly for just myself, only just recently been posting them to my blogs and hope one day will put all together into a book and maybe have them published.

I am looking for a critique partner whom i can possibly bounce ideas and suggestions off. Someone whose Honest and real at critiquing. Someone who will be encouraging and motivating when critiquing my work – not be mean and destructive and discourage me at writing. I would like that i can count on positive advice and suggestions for the story as well.

I would greatly appreciate the critique and relay the critiquing back also if needed, so if you are up to trading reviews/critiques friendship then message me and let’s be friends.
The topic of my Story at present is:
Island Paradise: Marrying Her Best-Friend.

Main setting/location: Dominica – Caribbean Island
Calibishie – town/village

It is not how long you have known someone that makes them special to you. Its not about the lenght of time that makes them your best-friend. Its the understanding, love, trust and chemistry and so much more…

Nicholas and Steffie had all of that and more. They met as strangers and spoke as friends. Then attraction sets in and intense feelings develped into something real and beyond what they could ever find in someone else. Theough they were miles apart, the distance and hardships only seem to highten their feelings, but will their relationship stand strong through hidden hurts and secrets?

Keep in mind that this is still a work in progress – and yes there maybe other stories such as this but doesn’t mean my story is the same as them. This is based on real emotions and experience – although some might be a bit exaggerated.

Follow my blog for the Excerpts that i’m gonna post:

please leave a comment to let me know what you think and also if you are interested email me:


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