Calibishie – A Piece of Paradise

From its carefully manicured & colourful hedges,

To the pretty & dazzling explosions of flower blossoms,

To the signs & notices which varies in shape, size and color,

All gives a completely new meaning to the term colourful.

Calibishie welcomes you to its appreciable beauty.

The village citizens are warm, friendly & very welcoming.

The love, caring nature and togetherness of the people,

The helpfulness and support given from the community,

Will most definitely touch your heart

Moreover, leaving you wanting to be a part of such a community.

The picturesque views & unspoilt naturality,

The tropical rain forests & green scenery,

The shimmering Atlantic Ocean, which reflects the beautiful azure,

All beckons you to take part in its extra-ordinary celebration of life.

The headlands around the bay,

Its distinctive Islets called Port D’Enfer – which stands as the gateway to the ocean beyond,

The mile long and only, Barrier reef which runs along the North East seashore

And protects this beautiful village, which is unique to the Island.

A quiet lagoon in which the fishermen ties there boats.

Love for history, unspoilt natural wonders, peace & Solitude

Can be experienced in this piece of paradise.

To the man who holds her dear, she does them also.

Its numerous sandy beaches, cold refreshing rivers and is cold cascading waterfall

And delightful beach front restaurants uplifts the village and gives you taste you’ll never forget.


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