My Love For You!

My love for you

Is intense

My love for you

Rings true

My love for you

Shows me your beauty

My love for you

Is forever sweet.

Your touch so soft,

Your caress so gentle,

Your lips so sweet,

Your scent so intoxicating.

The raging lust I feel

So intense I am stunned.

Leaves me breathless

With raging desire for you.

Like the sand of the oceans

Like the feel of gravity

Like the endless swells of waves

So is the intense feel of emotions towards you.

Heart racing, pounding fiercely,

Like I’ve runned a marathon.

Heavy lidded eyes – oh such desire I feel

My body betrays me & tells of my reaction to you

I sense your presence when you’re near

My palms begins to sweat & twitch

I feel so dreary

Take me into your bosom.

Your moans fills the silent room

Sweet music to my ear

Cascading from the heights of passion

My love for you is forever a blaze.


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